"If you don't show what you know... knowbody knows what you know"

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In Moses Lake w/ Husky Legend JD Taylor



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Nia Jackson--Former All-Pac 12 PG

about Virtual Play

"...Virtual Play has helped me become more efficient with my movements and body control"





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In the LAB "Grindin"

"Handles in a Hurry"



Learn the Math,

Physics &



Be machine-like (in efficiency) across your entire skill set, application and processing

Virtual Game of Basketball

The Virtual Game of Basketball

Your guide inside the Martial Arts of basketball


Virtual Play is esssentially the martial arts of basketball. It's a discipline that uses ecomony and strategy of movements, precision of technique and intellectual application to manipulate outcomes on the court. It's a portal into a basketball place you might not have been before. The information is completely verifiable...

Information, Demonstration, Explanation and Confirmation.

The goal is to become machine-like (in efficiency) across your entire skill set. Even if you reflect these principles, the material will at least make you more keenly aware of self and without a doubt, move you to a higher ground. So to ANYONE passionate about getting better at basketball … let the journey begin (Click)

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Garrison Carr-Former Patriot League MVP

"Troy Miles knows what he is talking about people. The lessons you can learn from him personally, the Virtual Game of Basketball blogs and the book will not only benefit you on the court but off. You may be thinking "does this stuff really work?", well as a former D1 athlete who spent hours in the gym with Troy I can personally tell you it does work, and it works really well..."



Nic Lane-Colgate University

nic Lane

"The Virtual Game of Basketball is my guide to becoming a better basketball player and individual. Virtuality allows me to improve in systematic elements that others simply cannot understand. I would not be playing division-1, or college basketball for that matter, without this book and the principles it teaches..."